7/12 Satbara Utara in maharashtra

satbara utara in maharashtra

Satbara Utara

Satbara Utara in Maharashtra term came out of word satbara Utara which means 7/12 in Maharashtrian language. Satbara Utara in Maharashtra is the document maintained by the revenue department of the state for tax collection purposes. The extract is issued by the Tehsildar or the concerned land authority.Sabara Utara is the proof for the owner of the land that it belongs to him and the children behind him.

Nowadays people very much know of rules and regulations related to property buying or selling. But what if you want to buy or sell property in Maharashtra? In such cases, satbara Utara in maharashtra is a very crucial document. In fact, satbara Utara in maharashtra is very crucial for the establishment of ownership of a piece of land. Satbara receipt is also used by farmers for loan agreements, crop surveys, and availing various government facilities.

Like all other records of rights, satbara extract contains very crucial information about land including the survey number, the area, the owner, the shared inland, and encumbrance of land, etc.

The satbara Utara in maharashtra is made available online by the government of maharashtra on the portal name maha bhulekh portal, which is a one-stop platform for searching, downloading, and extracting land documents in the state.

How to extract info from satbara utara online.

You can get satbara Utara in maharashtra by applying to local tahsildar or you can visit the maha bhulekh portal online to extract details.

Step to extract information online.

Step 1: Visit Mahabhulekh Portal

Step 2: Select the region from the drop-down menu.

satbara utara in maharashtra

Step 3: Select 7/12 from the menu and choose the district from the drop-down list.

satbara utara in maharashtra

Step 4: Select Country and Village.

satbara utara in maharashtra

Step 5: Now you can search for records through survey number, first name, last name, or full name.

satbara utara in maharashtra

Step 6: Once your property details pop up, you have to register yourself with your mobile number. After this, you will be able to view your 7/12 extract.

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