Top 5 best indian real estate website.

best indian real estate website

There are number of best Indian real estate website out there but when it comes to search the property, often people get confused which one to try.

Most of the people in India prefer to look out for local real estate agents for buying or renting the house, besides if you directly contact the seller through the real estate companies, you can find attractive offers.

If you opt for the best Indian real estate website for property search you can also save on brokerage charges which is generally 1 to 2% for purchasing a property and the rent of 1 month for renting.

So I thought to write an article which would make people aware and help them out with your property search.

So we tried to give you an overview of some of the best Indian real estate website. Its up to you to choose a property according to your preference.

Top 5 best indian real estate website.

1. 99Acres

The first real estate website on our top 10 list is 99Acres.99 acres is an online portal which has been a premier choice of the real estate agents, brokers as well as the home seekers.It claims to be India’s number one real estate web portal so we ranked it 1st in our list.

A business venture of the Infoedge group, the purpose of the website is to act as a link between the home buyers and tenants to agents and help them score relevant information about the properties available for rent or for buying around them.

The portal has been expanding rapidly and has already marked its presence in 25+ cities in India. It has earned itself a valid reputation becoming the 2nd largest property portal in India. The Alexa ranking of the website is 140.

2. Magicbricks

Second best property site in our list is MagicBricks.The Alexa ranking of the website is 154. The website is an online business venture of the Times Internet Limited which is a sub arterial branch of Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd.

I liked their buying search engine because the results were very satisfying. If you want to rent then also the database is OK. However avoid if you want to resell your house, use others’.

Another thing I like about Magic Bricks is images and detail research that they offer before buying a property.

3. Nobroker

Nobroker is like dream come true for anyone that wants to buy, sell or lease real estate in India. This website provides direct link between the seller and customer that eliminates brokerage.

In India, brokerage can run fairly high, with buyer and seller each paying about two percent of the transaction value or two month rent.

NoBroker claims it reduces the brokerage burden by a combined Rs.850 million every month on real estate transactions.

With over a million new customers registering on NoBroker every month, it is one of the best real estate websites of India.

4. Commonfloor

Having a vast presence in almost 200 cities of India, Commonfloor is an online portal catering to the property buyers and sellers.

The website was discovered first in the year 2007 and now it has more than 5 lakh properties as well as 1000+ upcoming projects registered on the platform. The website has been ranked 210 by Alexa.

The website initially provided real estate management services to its clients and now they also deal with articles and blogs related to property related topics and issues.

5. PropTiger

Discovered in the year 2011, PropTiger has revolutionized the era of real estate and property management. The portal has a huge database of unending properties available for buying as well as rentals.

PropTiger has a key presence in Mumbai as well as Bangalore. The website has its expertise in providing advice to its potential clients regarding home loan, taxation and property related matters.

The website has been ranked 1949 by Alexa. The creators of the platform possess years of experience and expertise in the realty business and hence they believe in improving the buying experience of their clients.

Hindi meaning of amenities and the definition.

Amenities hindi meaning

The Hindi meaning of amenities basically means in Hindi dictionary आराम, सुख-साधन, सुख-सुविधाएँ etc. Amenities in the luxury provided by the developer to the people who are willing to buy the house in their property. Hindi meaning of amenities is unknown to lot of people,it is necessary to know the definition of amenities for further buying process of the property.

Above we saw the hindi meaning of amenities, the elaboration of amenities in English means things that make you comfortable and at ease, all the comforts of home, etc.

Defination :

  1. The definition of amenities are elements of comfort and convenience, most often in reference to a house, vehicle, resort, or rental.
  2. Amenities are defined as etiquette and good manners.
  3. The quality of being pleasant or agreeable, whether in respect to situation, climate, manners, or disposition; pleasantness; civility; suavity; gentleness.

These are some of the definition of amenities. And to get more English to Hindi meaning terms of real estate follow acequare realty.

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Map of mumbai metropolitan region.

Map of mumbai metropolitan region

Above is the Map of mumbai metropolitan region.Real estate market in mumbai is on of the fastest growing real estate market in whole country as lot of developers are taken serious interest in this city of mumbai metropolitan region.As they are looking lot of potencial in it.Among the top 7 cities,MMR saw most new launcher – nearly 13,600 units & highest sales at 15,2 units in Q2 2018.As we can see in the map of mum,bai metropolitan region the real estate number says it all.

17,220romoters and 15,550 agents under MahaRERA – highest RERA registration Pan India,Stamp duty increase may be a slight dampener in the Short-term.


The effect of year-end discounts in December 2020 wascarried forward to January 2021 as well as the month witnessed sales better than the months of Sep, Oct Nov’20. The value of registrations in December 2020 at INR 36,772 Cr.which was a massive 162% more than the average of previous 3 months. Also, the registrations in January 2021, which stood at INR 19,099 Cr, was 36% higher than the average registration value for Sept-Nov 2020 period.The cities located in the map of Mumbai metropolitan region they all experienced the heavy buying in there region.

All about Vastu in real estate in India.


Vastu is important and considered to be the preference of end users. These days considering vastu is also important because the layouts, directions are sometimes lacks vastu. The principal and main parameter is the architecture and the directions. In real estate as well the vastu is considered to be the main parameter and flats and residencies are being planned after consulting the vastu expert only. For people who believes and construct the home under guidance and as per the direction of vastu brings lot of positive energy and a general well-being for the owner.

Vastu Tips for Homes:

  • The most important place in the house is its entrance which should be east facing as this is known as auspicious direction.
  • The north direction of the house should not be blocked as this is known for prosperity.
  • Slop should be directed from south to north or from west to east direction.
  • In terms of décor: No cactus plant should be there, and hinges should not make much noise.

Specifically for Bedroom:

  • It should be in south west direction
  • Sleeping direction should always be south
  • Bedroom should always be clutter free and where you put your head be clean and neat.

Children room:

  • It should be constructed in the northwest direction of the house.
  • Sticking the furniture over the wall stops positive energy.
  • Very loud colors are not for kids room
  • The study table should be placed in a way that child faces the east, north or north east corner of the room. Computer should be placed at southwest corner.

Vastu Tips for the kitchen:

  • South West or North West direction is best for kitchen.
  • Cooking should be done east facing.
  • Cross Ventilation is must.

For Bathroom:

  • North west is the best direction for washroom
  • Ventilation is must
  • If there is any sanitary fittings or broken tiles be it kitchen or washroom, should be repaired on immediate basis. Broken stuff is not good anywhere.
  • It is very important to keep the bath area and washroom very neat and clean. Dirt always attracts the negative energy.

Living Room:

  • North Direction is best for the living room
  • Air Condition should be placed in the west direction or southeast direction of the house.
  • A number of chairs should always be even, no uneven furniture should be placed in the house. It is not good for prosperity.
  • South and west corners are good for keeping furniture.

In real estate market, Vastu has become a very important factor and the bigger projects are based on the proper guidelines. Manglam Group which has the largest number of flats in Jaipur in different projects considers Vastu very important and its best of the residential project like Ananda, Aroma, The Grand Residency, etc. Also, Rangoli Greens is based on Vastu guidelines which is also an add on for the customer. Who doesn’t want prosperity in house and when it readily available then why buyer should not choose the one!

How to List Your Property Faster In Real Estate Portals?

 List Your Property

‘Real Estate Portals’ must be followed for buying or selling the properties. If you are not getting the proper outcome after the long period listing of your property in the market, there may be some mistakes.

It happens due to a gradual rise in property price and less interest of the buyer. Sometimes you do the poor listing of properties which hardly attract any buyer.

There are also some cases where you have followed the proper procedure and still stay unsold in terms of properties. Keeping this tough competition in mind, you never get relief only after promoting it on a website. For getting maximum exposure, you must add the details about the property. You will get more viewers thereafter and finally, you get the correct party to buy the property.

There are many ways to enhance visibility and drive more traffic for listing your property. It will allow you to List Your Property with specific details about the property. All these data can be accessed by following the below-mentioned tips.

  1. Front-End List Submission:  Front-end selection is not the compulsory process in the property listing. It is not like SEO that your listing must be on the top five for visibility on the front page.
  2. Detailed Information:  A buyer would observe whether specific information regarding the property is mentioned or not. He will not see the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, dining space, etc.
  3. Addition of Testimonials:  The addition of proper reviews of other buyers will be great in case your property got leased out. It will create an authentic approach among the viewers to think about buying the property at a reasonable rate.
  4. Addition of Proper Pictures: A picture is very easy to adapt and understand instead of words. The high-quality images will draw people’s attention so that they will search for these types of properties more in website portals. The images must include the kitchen, bedroom, living room, garden, bathroom, terrace, and others to showcase the exact look of the property. Make sure you have provided cleaned the floor before clicking images and do not allow gathering at the time of the photo shoot. It will boost more buyers to buy these properties.
  5. Add A Demo Video For Increasing The Visibility of Property: Nowadays, it is customary to add a demo video to show every corner of the property. A video tour would be genuine and helpful in property indexing and visibility.
  6. Follow the Facts:  Online channels skip so many fundamental facts of the content you expect in real life. Hence you should not hide anything as it may create some unwanted issues for potential buyers. Rather List Your Property by following the proper guidance to make it available to many customers. It is needed to get a proper valuation of the property over time and current market rates.
  7. Show The Uniqueness In The Property: The property you want to sell may be road facing or sea-facing. Highlight it in the listings and mention the abundance of light and space. These are some essential points that are sometimes skipped in hurry.
  8. Future Possibilities: These aspects are never directly seen as the potential buyer must understand them as per the experience. Suppose you have got a huge terrace and garden on the property. In the future, you may design more buildings to fetch a huge value.

In India, you must List Your Property online to raise its demand over the internet. Online listing of properties is quite free, but you may pay small charges for premium charges. Direct access to every minute of information is possible. Hence it eliminates any further confusion which would be arisen due to multiple meetings or phone calls. It is helpful to sell or buy property without a help of a third party or any real estate agent.