Thane’s real estate market 2021

Thane's real estate

Thane is one of the emerging cities in the country due to its development and infrastructure facilities, along thane is among the cities that fall under the list of the smart city so the government of India is also providing attention towards Thane’s real estate market as they are experiencing high potential in the city

Thane is the third-largest city of Maharashtra after Mumbai and Pune and is also the fastest-growing city in the country. Situated in the neighborhood of Mumbai Thane has become enchanting and inspiring for home buyers as well as the commercial sector. The city has become a corporate hub due to its infrastructure and availability of all facilities at cheap rates as compared to Mumbai city.


Gone are those day when thane was called as satellite city.In 2021 Thane city is blessed with one of the countries blessed road connectivity to nearby city and specially to mumbai. Here’s looking at some of the top connectivity advantages in Thane:

  • National highways 3 and 4 connect West Thane to other parts of Mumbai.
  • The future of Thane City looks bright with the introduction of metro services in the pipeline and it will cut traveling time between Wadala and Thane by almost half.
  • Thane-Dive Road and Bhiwandi Bypass flyover will be major infrastructural game-changers for Thane.
  • The metro-3 projects to Kalyan and Mira-Bhayander areas will boost connectivity for residents as well.
  • There will be parallel roads built near metro corridors between Kalyan and Thane.

Thane’s Gamechanger Metro line 4

Thane is one of the fastest-growing real estate markets in Mumbai and the property market here may get a huge impetus with a major connectivity announcement. The Maharashtra State Cabinet has officially cleared the proposal for setting up a metro line of 29 kilometers for Thane.

This will be executed by Maha Metro on the behalf of the Thane Municipal Corporation according to reports. The Chief Minister’s Office has reportedly issued its statement that this project will require four years to be finished while the entire cost is expected to be roughly around Rs. 13,095 crore as per reports.

Details of Thane metro

The Thane Metro network will revolutionize connectivity in the city upon its completion and will certainly boost commercial and residential development alike here.

The real estate market is expected to witness greater demand for residential and commercial units located near or along the metro route that has been finalized for development. This announcement should also bring in more real estate developers to this belt for premium project development.

Thane’s real estate market after metro announcement.

Of course, with the announcement of metro projects in thane. Thane’s real estate market will be benefited greatly. Thane is coming up as a great blessing for real estate investors and property finders as they get a good product with great prices with great locality and connectivity.

Some of the best projects going on in thane city are Raymond realty,rustomjee,tata-serein,lodha, icon, Wadhwa courtyard & Ashar edge, and many more.

Due to metro line 4 demand for commercial property in thane has also rises rapidly.

Thane’s real estate market- should you invest?

Of course, with the announcement of this major metro project, the Thane real estate market is poised to benefit greatly. Already, Thane is coming up as a key market for real estate investments with several prime projects being developed in the city. There are premium projects in Thane West which is one of the hottest realty hubs in the city at the moment.

Some of these include the likes of Lodha Amara, Rustomjee Urbania Azziano L Wing and Piramal Vaikunth Virat among others. There are several residential projects that are coming up along stretches like the Ghodbunder Road which is a major connectivity lifeline and other parts of Thane in recent times.

The metro project will transform connectivity, lower traveling time, and increase real estate values along the entire route and near it as per expectations of industry watchers. This could be a shot in the arm for the real estate market in Thane, considering the fact that GST rates have just been cut by the Government on affordable housing units and under-construction properties alike while the Union Budget 2019-20 has proposed a slew of measures designed to boost the housing sector in the country.

Thane is witnessing sizable demand for 1 BHK and 2 BHK apartments and even studio apartments in the luxury and premium segments along with mid-range categories. Affordable housing ventures may also gain some momentum this year on the outskirts as per experts.

Thane is already becoming the preferred location for several leading banking and financial services companies and IT and ITeS biggies who are making the shift here from Mumbai along with several other corporates and MNCs.

This will naturally lead to commercial real estate growth in leaps and bounds over the next few years while it will rub off positively on the residential housing segment as well. Thane is comparatively affordable as compared to Mumbai which is one of the costliest housing markets in the country and is well linked to the eastern and western suburbs of Mumbai and also Navi Mumbai.

Top 5 Investments in india

Investments in India.

Investments in india

People around Country want to make investments in india which will gives them high returns as quickly as possible without harming the principal amount.Some poeple invest to achieve financial security, on other hand some people invest to achieve their investments.The investments options you should choose should depend on you risk appetite, investment horizon,financial goals, and liquidity needs.

There are two types of investment assets that are know into the market and they are financial & non-financial assets.Financial assets can be divided into market-linked products (like stocks and mutual fund) and fixed income products (like Public Provident Fund, bank fixed deposits).Non-fianancial assets in which m ost umber of indian invest in are physical gold and real estate.


Lets have a look into top 5 investments in india.

1)Unit linked insurance plan(ULIP)

ULIP (Unit linked Insurance Plan). ULIP’s are a combination of insurance + investment. A small portion of the money invested goes to securing your life whereas the rest of the money is invested in the market. Policyholders can pay premiums monthly/annually.

In Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIP), the investments made are subject to risks associated with the capital markets. This investment risk in investment portfolio is borne by the policy holder. Thus, you should make your investment choice after considering your risk appetite and needs.

Another factor that you need to consider is your future need for funds. HDFC Standard Life offers you a variety of unit-linked insurance products to suit your goals – be it for your retirement planning, for your health, for your child’s education and marriage or for investment purposes.

2)Real estate investments

With migration as the core idea behind job search in bigger cities, the real estate has boomed in the last 2 decades and is likely to grow in the coming years as well. People are ready to invest in small flats with dual purpose i.e., to live and to do investment. So, keeping that in mind, the demand is growing rapidly, and it is expected to rise till 2025. So yes, scope for demand makes it a profitable business with many players.

The ratio of defaulters is high, which again makes it a smart move for genuine players to make a better scope in the market and attract customers with timely delivery of projects.

3)Public provident and funds(PPF)

PPF is one of the most popular long term investments in india which focuses on small saving investments and accure return on the same.PPF gives ageeable rate of interest and return on investments.. This scheme tends to serve as a prerequisite for financial requirements at the time of retirement. It has a tenure of 15 years which, however, can be extended by 5 years on application by the subscriber. Partial withdrawal is also allowed in some cases.

PPF has benefits in terms of intrest rate and taxation.It also allows loans and partial withdrawals after a few years of opening the account. In this article, we give you the benefits and the disadvantages of the PPF.

4)Mutual funds

Selecting a mutual fund that fits like a glove is easier than it seems. With a clear-cut picture of your current needs and your future goals, you can make an informed investment decision. In fact, choosing a befitting mutual fund is similar to choosing a suitable business or career for yourself. 

The risks are similar as well. A business can go bust, a career can be unrewarding and a bad mutual fund selection can impact your savings. Therefore, mutual fund investment is a serious pursuit and you should always keep your eyes, ears and mind open to succeed. 
Remember that mutual fund investments are subject to market risks and the selection of the right fund is based on your financial goals, risk appetite and investment horizon. Following these practical tips on how to find the best mutual funds in India and start a mutual fund SIP can go a long way in ensuring high returns.

Let’s get straight to the point and understand how to test a mutual fund’s strength and durability based on some important parameters.

Mutual fund returns & investment horizon

Let’s be honest. One invests in a mutual fund to get good returns on their investment. But the problem with evaluating a mutual fund based on returns is that there is no fixed yardstick.

For example, assume there are Mutual Fund A (MF A), Mutual Fund B (MF B) and Mutual Fund C (MF C). While looking at these mutual funds through a mutual fund screener, a handy tool that allows you to pick out a suitable fund that fits your criteria, you find that while MF A has provided high returns in a 1-year horizon, it has low returns over a 3-year period.

On the other hand, MF B has done extremely well over a 3-year period but has given considerably low returns on a 1-year or 5-year period. And there’s MF C that has done great over a 5-year period but has given considerably low returns over shorter periods.

Look at a real example from a mutual fund screener page in the chart below. You can see that IIFL Focused Equity Fund has given the highest return over a 1-year period (over 27%). Though, it still gives high returns over periods more than a year, it is comparatively lower than the returns it generates over a 1-year period.  

5)Bank Fixed deposite

A fixed deposit refers to an investment scheme that banks and non-banking financing companies provide. FDs offer greater returns on the principal invested when compared to the returns generated from a regular savings account.

Fixed deposits have a fixed tenure, hence the name. Depending on a consumer’s investment portfolio, the FD investment period can either be short-term or long-term. The interest rates on fixed deposits vary from one company or bank to another.

Fixed deposit investors need to remember, however, that they cannot withdraw money before maturity without financial repercussions. In emergencies, early withdrawal is possible after the payment of penalties.

Real estate in india

Real estate in India at 2021

Real estate in India

Real estate in india

Real estate in India is booming along with the world’s real estate industry as the real estate industry is a globally recognized industry. The Real estate sector comprises Four sectors Housing, retail, hospitality & Commercial. As the world is changing with time along with their requirements in terms of housing, business, and more, they choose the best for themselves.

As India is one of the most populated countries in the world behind china there is a lot of demand for houses in the country which creates golden opportunities for developers in India. It is expected that real estate in India will incur more non-resident Indian (NRI) Investment in India, both in short term and long term. the most favored property investment destination is expected to be Bengaluru followed by Ahemdabad, Pune, Chennai, Goa, Dehradun, and Delhi.

Market size

It is expected that by 2040, the real estate market in India will grow to ₹ 70,000 Crore From ₹12,000 Crore in 2019. real estate in India is expected to reach the market size of $1 Trillion by2030 from $120 billion in 2017 and contribute 13% to the countries Overall (GDP) by 2025.

Investment in the Indian real estate sector.

People in India prefer to invest in property over anything as they think the property investment is much safer and of high (ROI).On average each citizen of India holds property one for personal use and the other they use for income source as a rent or lease. Higher class people buy commercial space and place the property for rent as it provides high rents in return.

People in India prefer to invest in property over anything as they think the property investment in much safer and of high (ROI).On average each citizen of India holds property one for personal use and the other they use for income source as a rent or lease. Higher class people buy commercial space and place the property for rent as it provides high rents in return.

Apart from these investment opportunities, another major factor that boost the growth of the industry in India and touted to be its future is the home automation segment.