Bhu naksha maharashtra 2021

Bhu naksha maharashtra

As we know India is one of the most populated countries in the world, due to which it has become difficult for the government and legal bodies to look after each and every aspect of buying and selling properties. And in the states like Maharashtra which is the second largest and one of the populated states of India, their lot of property-related fraud and criminal cases were causing a lot of problems for legal bodies. To deal with this the national bodies introduced the National Informatics Centre came up with a tool called the Bhu Naksha Maharashtra.

Bhu naksha Maharashtra is a website in which people can check online the details about the land they are planning to buy and the past history of the land. Due to bhu naksha Maharashtra website, it became very easier and transparent for the people to get information about the land and make a deal without any fraud. And the time of people is also saved as they no more need to visit the government offices for information. And bhu naksha Maharashtra website is totally free of cost to use.

Why is bhu naksha important?

Bhu naksha Maharashtra recheck and verifies that is there any charges or legality on the land parcel. Due to this, it becomes very easier for the buyer to find out all the information about the land. One can avoid frauds by checking Bhu naksha data. Bhu naksha Maharashtra displays the exact boundaries around the land which prevent the unauthorized possession of the land.

Advantages of bhu naksha maharashtra

Before buying property, it is important to cross-check plot details for the following –

  • Legality – Details such as land dispute issues, if the plot is allotted by the government for public welfare, etc. can be obtained
  • Plot size – The boundaries and size of the plot are defined on the bhu naksha
  • Timesaving – The citizens of Maharashtra can view plot records anytime as they are updated online. This has reduced the efforts of citizens to roam around government offices for these records
  • Verification of landowner – Bhu naksha provides details of the landowner such as name, address, etc.
  • Integration of records – The ROR (Record of Rights) and the map of the plot can be obtained on bhu naksha. ROR is a document that contains information such as owner details, the record of cess, rent, tenant details, liabilities, etc.
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