Construction with Mivan Technology.

A breakthrough in the method of construction is brought about by the use of Mivan Technology. It reduces construction time and also increases durability and strength.

In the Mivan shuttering construction technique, the use of aluminum formworks, besides providing strength and durability to a structure also reduces the overall construction time.

Mivan Technology has been able to address the demand of stakeholders in the real estate industry for the use of the latest innovative techniques in the field of construction. Through the application of Mivan Technology they can expect inexpensive homes, thus the dream of “Housing for All” will also be realized. This innovative technology deploys Mivan shuttering which is time-saving and accordingly very effective in increasing productivity and return on the economy, especially in mass construction projects.

Mivan Technology-Explained

Mivan Technology was originally developed by Mivan Company Ltd, a European company. They used a system of aluminum formwork for this technology. In 1990, the company started manufacturing these formworks, and that’s how the technology was named ‘Mivan Technology’.

Now let us explore this innovative technology in more details.

How extensively is it used in India?

Even though the Mivan Technology has gained popularity in the European and Gulf countries and few Asian countries, it is yet to be used widely in India. However, off late, it has been realized that it will be advantageous to use it for the mass constructions under the India Government’s ambitious scheme, the Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana (PMAY), which strives to provide housing for all by 2022.

Due to its advantage of cost and time reduction in mass-scale Civil construction projects, it will enable the building of affordable houses for the Indian masses, thus necessitating widespread deployment of this supposedly new construction technology using Mivan Shuttering for India. Additionally, it will guarantee the strength and quality of the civil structures as it uses aluminum frameworks.

Steps in Mivan Shuttering Construction method

1. Erecting wall using reinforcing steel wire rods

The basic framework of the structure is first erected using reinforcing steel wire rod mess as per the existing practice. 

It is important to get the wire rod mesh in the proper position and keep it in that location during pouring of concrete since it will be the deciding factor for the performance of the structure. Reinforcements for the concrete are positioned according to placing drawings. The detailer’s job is to point out the number of bars, its lengths, where they are to be bent, and its positions. These reinforcing steel wire rods are fastened to other steel wire rod members using tie wire to avoid dislodgment through the construction stage and during pouring of concrete.

2. Placement of aluminum formwork

Mivan Technology

Thereafter the factory manufactured aluminum alloy, aluminum formworks (Mivan Shuttering), are erected in situ at the site, placed on the outer side of this reinforcing steel wire rod mesh. 

The Mivan Shuttering Aluminum formworks, which are prefabricated as per the room dimensions, the wall as well as the floor slabs will have to be now erected. 

These aluminum alloy slabs are made to precision and can be easily handled. 

Provision for windows and doors to be fitted, staircases, ducts, façade panels and chajjas are incorporated in these structures. The aluminum alloy Mivan shuttering formworks are fixed with one another using the wedge and pin system to facilitate its speedy dismantling on the concrete structure gaining half its strength.

3. Concrete Pouring

After the aluminum forms are placed as a cast, the pouring of high-quality concrete follows. The concrete may be in the form of slurry and for megastructures a concrete slurry pump may be used to pour it within the cast. Vibrators are also used during pouring of the concrete for compaction, i.e., to expel any air pockets within the concrete structures.

4. Dismantling of Mivan shuttering

Mivan shuttering is dismantled after the requisite concrete curing period, during which concrete gains enough strength. The Mivan shuttering aluminum forms can be used repeatedly for a minimum of 250 times, thus minimizing wastage of cost and material from one construction site to the other.

The resultant structure is precise, with a near smooth finish, having more durability and strength. It does not need plastering.

Does the Mivan Technology have any future in the Indian construction industry?

Mivan Technology

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