Hindi meaning of amenities and the definition.

Amenities hindi meaning

The Hindi meaning of amenities basically means in Hindi dictionary आराम, सुख-साधन, सुख-सुविधाएँ etc. Amenities in the luxury provided by the developer to the people who are willing to buy the house in their property. Hindi meaning of amenities is unknown to lot of people,it is necessary to know the definition of amenities for further buying process of the property.

Above we saw the hindi meaning of amenities, the elaboration of amenities in English means things that make you comfortable and at ease, all the comforts of home, etc.

Defination :

  1. The definition of amenities are elements of comfort and convenience, most often in reference to a house, vehicle, resort, or rental.
  2. Amenities are defined as etiquette and good manners.
  3. The quality of being pleasant or agreeable, whether in respect to situation, climate, manners, or disposition; pleasantness; civility; suavity; gentleness.

These are some of the definition of amenities. And to get more English to Hindi meaning terms of real estate follow acequare realty.

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