Maharashtra Satbara Utara app 2021

Satbara Utara app

Satbara utara app term came out of word satbara utara which means 7/12 in regional language. Satbara utara is the document maintained by the revenue department of the state for tax collection purpose. The extract is issued by the Tehsildar or the concerned land authority.Satbara utara is the proof for the owner of the land that it belongs to him and the children behind him.

Satbara utara also helps to indicate the legal status of the plot. I have used it for finding the ancestral information of any particular land. The past court order, litigation, etc.

Satbara utara app

There is and portal name maha bhumi abhilekh for people to know 7/12 info online and recently the government had developed the satbara utara app to make things more easier for the people. under satbara utara app all the functions are easy to handle and people can benefit from it.

Here is the link for the official satbara utara app app – Satbara utara app

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